The Chinese Potral for the German Market
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Consulting of Market Entrance in Germany

We support small medium businesses that want to get established on the German market.

Finding solutions that are simple, comfortable and doable – this is how we help companies from China and around the globe to successfully enter the German market or to localize their contents, products and services to a German-speaking audience.

"Entering an unknown market is like crossing the ocean in a balloon:
one can definitely do it, the weather will be rough and you would not
want to be in there without a savvy helmsman."


Market Entry Strategy

  • Fact-based consulting to guide market entry strategy and decision-making
  • Local market entry strategy options
  • Complete competitive analysis


  • Deciding whether to enter markets
  • Establishing the opportunity and fit
  • Determining how to go to market
  • Evaluating the offerings, partners, channels, customer targets
  • Creating a roadmap for effectively acting on the dynamics of complex or emerging markets
  • Dealing with emerging competitive and partner scenarios


Technology markets can be the most challenging in the world. Companies must create winning strategies in the context of rapid technology development and convergence, shifting market dynamics, and fierce competitive pressure. Bcc is the market leader in assisting technology companies to develop winning strategies. Bcc broad and deep technology market insight enables us to assist you to see the opportunity, customer motivations, competitive threats, and pathways to success.

BCC Market Entry Strategy Consulting Practice draws on its Consultants, Analysts, and proven tools and methods to help you identify and execute on new market opportunities. In a typical Market Entry Strategy consulting engagement, we will cover:

  • Market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting
  • Emerging and established competition
  • Customer wants, needs, preferences, and behavior
  • Channels, influencers
  • Technology scan - sustaining and disruptive innovation opportunities, emerging and alternative technology
  • Market roadmap development
Consulting of Market Entrance in Germany
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